Flogging the Horse Dead

NOTE: The footage below shows racehorses being put down. Disturbing content.

Video: What happens to failed racehorses? (7.30)       


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‘Flogging the Horse Dead’

Lots of people like horse racing. It’s a lot of fun, good to watch; something to do with your friends. And of course, the excitement of making money from it is a big thing. The winning animals are made such a big deal of, and everything is so glamorous, it’s easy to think that these horses must be lovingly treated by the industry. But what happens to the horses, not only that fall and die on track – but those that obtain small injuries, which could easily and cheaply be fixed; or to the horses that simply are not fast enough?

The answer is simple. If someone doesn’t buy them first, they most often become dog food. Getting bought as a pet is very much the exception to the rule. Horses can live to over 30 years… The oldest recorded horse lived to 62. In racing, a 7 year old is as good as ancient; very few live to that. Their exercise regimes are short and hard, and beyond that they are left alone to develop eventually self-destructive habits out of sheer boredom. Then they get killed.

These are not things the industry wants you to imagine, let alone see. The video above was filmed in secret by an activist. But it is something, I believe, that you should at least be aware of.

Stay Wild.


P.S. On a somewhat more uplifting note, please check out the art of Nadine K at http://www.dasonet.org/profile/NadineK

A gallery of her work is here http://www.dasonet.org/photo/photo/listForContributor?screenName=0815wmce1wxwk

Her principle is simple – she paints subjects (mostly horses and endangered wildlife) that need help, and if the paintings are sold, a part of the profit goes to the equine or wildlife sanctuary or organisation that she deems best suited to the cause. As well as wildlife conservation, like me, the plight of race horses is a thing she feels strongly about. A cause to be supported! Good on you Nadine.

1 thought on “Flogging the Horse Dead

  1. Nadine K - Wildlife-Equine Artist

    Hi Amy…..I could not watch your video though I am only too well aware of the grusome & inhumane end awaiting these courageous, sentient & beautiful, honest magnificent creatures. It rends my heart. As a pro rider in years past, I had several encounters working with ‘race track rejects’…horses broken & run too young, handled improperly, become so frightened they were almost too wild to handle much less ride. Though I am struggling against a disability, I am building my art portfolio, unique mini-series encompassing like species (wildlife) & like characteristics (horses) each under my separate Wildlife & Equine campaigns. One of my Equne mini-series will profile racing legends. A min. of 10% of any profits I get from sales of my art is donated to the Wildiife or Equine Sanctuary/Rescue Group I feel is best-suited to help the subjects I paint. Please …..if you feel my artistic endeavors might enable you to help bring further attention & hopefully an end to the cruelties so thoughtlessly inflicted upon these magnificent horses who so easily could be retrained as saddle horses etc. or at the very least, allowed a chance to just live…..do not hesitate to contact me.


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