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My Rat Pi and I


Homo sapiens provides ideal viewing platform for Rattus norvegicus

This is my dear pet rat, Pi. Rats are another of those animals who I feel receive far more negativity on a personal level than they deserve. You shouldn’t miss out on one of the most entertaining, affectionate and low maintenance pets in the world, based on an old-fashioned attitude!

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Flogging the Horse Dead

NOTE: The footage below shows racehorses being put down. Disturbing content.

Video: What happens to failed racehorses? (7.30)       


Horse Art

‘Flogging the Horse Dead’

Lots of people like horse racing. It’s a lot of fun, good to watch; something to do with your friends. And of course, the excitement of making money from it is a big thing. The winning animals are made such a big deal of, and everything is so glamorous, it’s easy to think that these horses must be lovingly treated by the industry. But what happens to the horses, not only that fall and die on track – but those that obtain small injuries, which could easily and cheaply be fixed; or to the horses that simply are not fast enough?

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Another reason to live up the Now

I had a moment yesterday when I thought I’d broken my back. It was a private riding lesson, on a horse I knew and trusted and had never had any issues with; I’d ridden him dozens of times by myself without ever a hitch, and now I was under the tutelage of a professional. Continue reading