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Welcome to the work of Amy Wild!

I was born in December, 1989. From a toddler, I have been exposed to the wilderness; I learnt to climb trees, snorkel, pitch a tent and catch a lizard before entering primary school. The instant I grasped the concept of a pencil, I begun to draw pictures, and never stopped. The first ‘big’ thing I ever saved up for was a digital camera; it was love at first ‘click’. The key element that has always inspired my photography and illustrations is wildlife — indeed, zoology is my primary passion in life and my first chosen area of study. When I’m not gallivanting in the bush, I do most of my creative work from my suburban share-house in Perth, Western Australia. I am also known as Amy R. Griffiths.

With this website, I hope to forge contacts with like-minded people. If there are any images or illustrations that you would like to use, most of the pieces on this site are for sale. I am also available for commissions. Please contact me for further details, or if you have any questions at all!

Since finishing my under grad and obtaining first class Honours in Biology in 2010, I have been lucky enough to work in the North-West of Australia with terrestrial wildlife, and to experience several travel opportunities both within and without my home country. These experiences have gifted me with a wide range of subjects, and an even broader appreciation for the incredible beauty of our natural world. Ultimately, being brought up and carrying on to live comfortably both within the city and the wild environment, I have learnt both the pleasures of a luxurious people-made world, and the vitality and wonder that stems from removing oneself from that zone and returning to the wild. To walk barefoot, to wake to the exclusive sound of wind through leaves, birds calling and small bush rustles; to feel the exhilaration of finding an uncommon species after hours of searching – nothing can compare to that. And as we develop a deeper appreciation for these things, we can come to realise for ourselves – beyond the statistics and facts – how critical the conservation of such life truly is. With this website, I also try to reflect and share this sentiment. Enjoy, and Stay Wild!



Did you know I also run reptile shows and parties in the Perth metro area, W.A.? Check it out at reptileeducator.com

I am ALSO a dog trainer and dog walker! Search Happy Dogs Walks and Training, or go straight to happydogswalksandtraining.com 🙂

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  1. michael mullen

    Hi Amy,…I’ve already contacted you on You Tube as “53redcobra”, but I wanted to tell you as well on your own site how much I appreciate you and what you do.
    You seem to have it all, that is, everything needed to make me a fan of yours…..you’re gorgeous, barefoot, with a lovely accent that I could listen to all day, an artist (I am too), you have a lovely personality, and a real heart for the wonderful animals of this planet. In shorty, you have filled the shoes of my hero, the great Steve Irwin……NO….wait,…let’s not even talk about shoes,..lol,…I much prefer you barefoot!! You’re a beautiful, barefoot spirit, which I treasure (and try to me myself, as much as I can)…
    Your love, knowledge and understanding of animals I find remarkable as well as inspiring. I myself am a self described animal rights kind of person, and though I’m a guy, I”m about 2 or 3 cats away from being the resident “crazy cat lady” where I live. I have 2 cats living with me, and I care for numerous ferals, and 1 semi-feral where I work, as a security officer on a wilderness surrounded truck yard.
    So, there it is,…I won’t make this any longer,…just know that I think you’re the best, and you’re much appreciated!!!!
    Thank you, Michael

  2. Marco

    What a cool website this is. And what a cool way of living.
    I have been to Australia in 2012. It was the best holiday of my life 🙂
    Keep up the good stuff, Amy.

    Greetings from Germany!


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