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Woma Python: An Endangered Snake Hunter!


Woma, Aspidites ramsayi

Welcome to one of my favourite Australian snakes! This guy might look dangerous, but he’s actually a python, and therefore effectively non-venomous. The reason the Woma might look different is that they belong to a very unique genus: Aspidites is the only genus of pythons that do not have heat-sensory pits! Continue reading

Parables of the Pilbara Olive Python

Pilbara Olive Python

Pilbara Olive Python

The Olive Python (Liasis olivaceus) is Australia’s SECOND LARGEST species of snake – the beautiful girl pictured here is relatively small for her kind! Two subspecies lie within the species – the relatively common ‘nominal’ subspecies (Liasis olivaceus olivaceus), whose population extends along northern Australia from the Kimberley to western parts of Qld, and its larger partner, the RARE Pilbara Olive (L. olivaceus barroni). Wow, you’re still reading! It gets better. Continue reading